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Croche Suenos is a one owner operator business. Croche Suenos means crochet dreams in Spanish. The owner is Aundie Molina, lil ole' me. When I was trying to come up with a name I was also learning Spanish. I felt this was perfect since it was both unusual and fit me. I do dream in crochet but have also learned to knit since I started the business.

I have been crocheting and knitting for over 20 years. When my Aunt Debber passed several years ago I decided to share with the world what she taught me. I began by selling finished items and then started getting requests for patterns. I began with purses and gradually learned to design so much more. This shop is where I share my love with you. A place where you can buy something American Made. I believe in sharing love and handmade items allow for giving a personal item chosen with love and made with love.

I am a nerd at heart and therefore you will find many of my designs tend to lean toward the Geek in me. I also don't like to be like the status quo and tend to create unusual and different items. I enjoy designing and if you are looking for someone to make something you can't find then I am that person. I have created many one of a kind orders for my customers.