Quick Knit Bulky Slouchy

Quick Knit Bulky Slouchy

I live in the Great Northwest close to Seattle, WA and the mornings even in the spring and summer can be a wee bit chilly and I wanted a slouchy that would keep my ears warm but not make me to hot. I worked on a few ideas until I ended up with the following. It works great and it works up quickly. Easy to modify to whatever your looking for.

The slouchy is made to be a little loose fitting with bulky yarn or double stranded worsted for the band and then regular worsted for the remainder of the slouchy. I am using circular needles. 


  • Size US 13 circulars (9 mm)
  • Small amount of bulky yarn for the band
  •  70 – 150 yards of worsted weight yarn

For the yarn I used scraps of bulky yarn I had laying around the house not really sure what it was. On one I used double stranded I love this yarn and one I used double stranded Red  Heart Yarn.  For the main body I either used Red Heart or I love This Yarn.

With Bulky Yarn CO 54 

K1, P1 Ribbing for 1.5″ to 2″ (Depends on how you like I did 2″)

Switch to the worsted weight yarn and knit till the hat measures 7 – 8″ My pink and Seahawk 12th man is about 7″ the other two came out a little longer. I got carried away with them 🙂



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